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SHINSA The Experience

In 2018, we had an amazing opportunity to hold our own first showcase in New York City. The showcase was sold out in 24 hours. It was an absolutely amazing experience to all of us and very successfully done. 


The purpose of our first showcase was opening the way of possibility to create more opportunities in dance community. 

We encourage you to be true to yourself and to be who you are. The Experience was opened to anyone who would like to feel safe and grow at the same time. But mostly, for those of you who would love to just DANCE.

The first experience was held on 4/2/2019. 4 hours of many different activities(group work, improv session, choreography, Q&A) with the director of SHINSA, Bo Park. 

The experience series will be back in fall 2022 by SHINSA members. All the money that we make from it would go for the fund to create a new show.





More Info on Instagram @Shinsaofficial

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