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SHINSA is a group of dancers in New York City under the direction of a choreographer,              . SHINSA has established in 2017 with a belief of “stay true to yourself”.

For past three years, we have worked on few competitions, showcases such as ELEMENTS XVIII(3rd place) and XIX(1st place), SAYAW, Wisefruit, The Love Ball, Warm Up, The Drop etc. In 2018, we were able to have our first annual showcase called “BLUMING”, directed and choreographed by our leader, Bo Park. Both 2 shows have completely sold out within 24 hours. The following year 2019, we have collaborated with William Yao and the creative team he gathered, created an immersive show called “DAYDREAMERS” that delivers such a strong message based on our strong belief. All of the 5 shows had completely sold out within few days. As we finished our show, it had picked up by BAZA Studio in New York City. We continued performing the show for 4 weeks in Mid-December thru Mid January.

SHINSA is also a place where many of talented young generations would feel welcomed, safe and stay creative. We want to share that no matter who you are, you shouldn’t be afraid to do what you love and that loving individuality is the most important thing to be yourself. Love. Equality and Connect.


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